Alchemy of Avalon

Yoga & Sacred Site Retreat
Sianna Sherman, Masood Ali Khan
& Special Guests

Magic of the Celtic Lands  

JULY 24-31, 2020
Glastonbury, England
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Our Avalon Pilgrimage is open to everyone!  

Known as modern-day Glastonbury, the mystical land of Avalon emanates a mysterious power that tugs on the Soul through legend, lore, and more. Pulsing with myth and magic, priestess and druid traditions, this sacred land flows with the feminine and masculine currents of the Earth uniting in 3 key places. Avalon is lovingly referred to as the “Heart Chakra” of the planet. 

This pilgrimage is calling you to follow your heart, remember who you are, and serve the greater whole. We will gather in ritual, yoga, ceremony, prayer, song, dance, breath, meditation, shadow work, emotional intelligence, and communion with nature upon the holy lands of Avalon. Each day will be a woven garland of alchemical practices with transmissions of Celtic deities, archetypal embodiment, and pilgrimage to sacred sites.  

Learn the teachings from the Wheel of the Year, the Druid Tree Circle, and the 5 Wisdom Seeds of Avalon. You will be gifted with a powerful map of consciousness to guide you through 5 key embodiments that integrate the sacred feminine and masculine within you. All of these teachings are in accordance with the mythology and mysteries of Avalon. Reclaim your wildness, rise as guardian, serve with integrity, awaken your sight, and integrate your being as divine human.  

Alchemy of Avalon includes pilgrimage to the sacred sites of ancient stone circles, the healing waters of the Chalice Well, the legendary Tor, the mythic resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere, Glastonbury Abbey, and walking the ley lines in the heart chakra of Avalon. One of the days will be devoted to the megalithic magic of Stonehenge and Avebury. Another day will celebrate the Gaelic Seasonal Festival Lughnasadh, dedicated to the power of light and of the first harvest. Another day will feature the world famous Chalice Well Gardens, the Lion’s Head Fountain, the Red Spring, the White Spring, and the High Altar of Alchemical Love. Your tour guides will be druids and priestesses from the Isle of Avalon.  

Sianna and Masood will be your daily guides with yoga, ritual, music, earth ceremony and circles for men and women. Sianna will facilitate the women’s group and Masood will facilitate the men’s group on three afternoons of the retreat. This work goes deep, penetrates the layers, and helps to reveal your hidden gifts. Both profound and playful, the group work will create radical shifts in your life. The women’s group will focus on Codes of the Goddess, Women’s Mysteries, and Temple Vows. The men’s group will focus on Power in a heart beat, embracing the divine masculine, the call of the medicine Man. In addition to the men and women’s groups, the two groups will weave together in powerful ways to heal and unite the inner masculine and feminine within you.  

Alchemy of Avalon is medicine for the Soul where ritual & rhythm, magic & mystery, celebration & community unite for the journey of a lifetime!  

* Please Note: all are welcome. Come solo or with a lover, partner, or friend. This retreat is for brothers, sisters, teens, couples, friends, and all who feel the call!  

In Avalon, together we remember and together we rise.


  • Daily Ritual & Rhythm
  • Transmission of Avalon Legends 
  • Sacred Alchemy of Masculine + Feminine 
  • Megalithic Magic of Ancient Stone Circles 
  • Pilgrimage to the Chalice Well + Tor 
  • Priestess & Druid Lore 
  • Faery Realm Journeys 
  • Men’s & Women’s Circles 
  • Celtic Ceremony in Druid Tree Circle 
  • Daily Chanting, Movement, & Meditation
  • Dousing of the Ley Lines & Dragon Lines
  • Attunement with Arthurian and Christian legends in Avalon
  • Guided Day Tour to World Heritage sites of Stonehenge & Avebury 
  • Accommodations at Earth Spirit Centre with local, organic food and good cheer!  


  • Travel to/from Glastonbury, England
  • Optional Bodywork
  • Wine/Alcohol


Reserve Your Spot with a $600 Deposit  

"The Alchemy of Avalon Pilgrimage is a wonderful journey into an ancient, magical landscape. It's also a life changing journey into the Self. With a lovely venue, delicious meals, music and dance, storytelling, excursions to the Sacred Sites of Avalon and juicy yoga with Sianna, this is a trip not to be missed. I have done this pilgrimage twice already and I loved it so much, I plan on going again. This is truly a unique opportunity to explore yourself as you journey through the Magic that is Avalon."

-Ian Davison  


A $600 deposit is non-refundable and guarantees your spot for our Alchemy of Avalon Men + Women Pilgrimage. You have the option to pay your accommodation in full by room type below, or resreve your space with a deposit where you will be given the choice to select one of the Accommodations below. Please note that accommodation type is not guaranteed until payment is received in FULL. Accommodation types are on a first come basis.  

*NOTE: Full payment for all room types is due by June 1, 2020.  


*Outdoor Camping  

DORMITORY $2,150  

 *Women Only Dorm *7 Beds with shared bathroom  


*Shared bathroom in hallway *Roommates upon request 


*En-Suite bathroom *Roommates upon request 

SKYLIGHT ROOM (top floor) $2,500

*Sink in room, shared bath *Roommates upon request 


*Newly remodeled *En-Suit bathroom 

"I have had the great delight to participate in both of the previous Alchemy of Avalon pilgrimages with Sianna and Masood.  

My experience was transformational as well as deeply healing. Both Sianna and Masood skillfully offered deep heart experiences and practices for awakening the sacred masculine and the divine feminine within each of us.  

I greatly benefited from their expertise and compassionate connection with each individual present. Every day was a rich experience of storing telling, deep heart shares, playful celebration of spirit, ritual, powerful connections with the land and each other, uncovering the depths of who we are, and transformational practices of awakening to our deepest and highest selves. I was especially grateful for the healing wisdom they offered to uncover our shadows selves and heal the unconscious woundedness many of us have felt.  

After both of my pilgrimages, I left feeling connected to community, authentic, inspired, sovereign, and deeply called to my life purpose and service. So much gratitude and love!"  

-Kristen Dessange  

We attended the week of alchemy of Avalon in summer 2018. We have been married for many years and had not done any spiritual work together before. Medhira had through her journey of becoming a Svaoopa® yoga teacher been involved in spiritual practices for many years. When discovering your Pilgrimage of Avalon, Avalon being the heart chakra of the Earth, and the Alchemy of Love, we found it was a beautiful opportunity to start a new era of our lives together.  

Having raised three children, now all grown up. Experienced lifes many challenges, ups and downs. We felt this was the time, to start grow, learn, immerse and discover, how to find a deeper contact as a couple again.  

Torben did not really know what he went into, but from the very moment we arrived in Sommerset, we felt welcomed in the warmest way by Sianna and Masood and all our beautiful sisters and brothers at the retreat. We immediately felt comfortable in the group and immersed by the loving leadership and space holders that Sianna and Masood both embraced. 

The planning of the week was very well balanced between yoga practices, discovery of the many spiritual places in Avalon where we were supported by the best local guides and storytellers. Being in the group as a couple, gave us the opportunity to dive deep together, and also each of us, with our sisters and brothers. A very beautiful week. We went home with a deeper contact, opened hearts and a huge feeling of thankfulness and joy inside.  

We would love to take another deep dive when the opportunity will come with Sianna and Masood and the beautiful heart tribe.  


Medhira & Torben 

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Sianna Sherman is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, and speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world.

She is the founder of Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow® and RITUAL. Following an apprenticeship in 1994, where she trained in the Celtic Priestess tradition, Sianna’s notion of education was radically altered. Through this experience, she knew one day she would bring a mystery school to life which came to fruition in 2018 as RITUAL.

Sianna’s background includes a deep immersion in the Avalon tradition, multiple apprenticeships as a wild-crafter, extensive training as a bodyworker and many years as a storyteller. She has a unique ability to touch the human heart through story, ritual and devotional practice and leads 200 & 300-hour Rasa Yoga Teacher Trainings around the globe, inspiring students to practice with intention, commitment and inspiration. Sianna’s teachings are a true convergence of science, mysticism, art and yoga.  

Sianna co-created the Goddess Yoga Project with Yoga Journal, an online program to help women step into their power and use it to serve the world – and contributes regularly to Mantra, Yoga Journal, Origin Magazine, Gaia and Yoga International.

With her Alchemical Beloved, Masood Ali Khan, she leads Sacred Pilgrimage Retreats for the Brothers & Sisters in the mystical land of Avalon, called the Alchemy of Avalon.  

Blessed Be.


Masood Ali Khan PhD Has taught meditation & universal energy wellness techniques for 20 years and was head of the Faculty for M.E.L at the Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka. He utilizes his techniques as he sings sacred mantras with the enchanting Hand Pan. An eclectic musician & recording artist, performing around the world with acclaimed music albums. Completed a 2year shadow work mentorship training with Robert Augustus Masters, Foundaion Training and Vocal Yoga He is also an top international model and actor and awarded one of Americas Coolest Dads 2018.


Sianna Sherman and Masood Ali Khan combine 30 years of their own transformational journey to create “Alchemy of Avalon”. 

Known for their compassionate presence and breakthrough insights, they will guide you with yoga, healing movement, live music, shadow work and energy-harnessing techniques. They host couples only retreats as 'Alchemy of Love'.

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